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Accessibility Help Page

Azure website is best viewed in a resolution of at least 800x600 and is compatible with popular browsers.

This website is designed to allow you to navigate easily with pages remaining consistent and user friendly.

All the pages contained within this website have been validated using W3C for XHTML and CSS.

This Website has four stylesheets which may help you if you have a visual impairment.

Default: Blue text on White Background Default Stylesheet example

Default: Big Fonts Blue text on White Background

Inverted: White text on Black Background Contrasting Accessible Stylesheet

Inverted: Big Fonts White text on Black Background Contrasting Accessible Stylesheet Big fonts

If your browser allows you to navigate using Hotkeys then the following access keys are setup:

Windows users can navigate with the accesskey feature by typing 'ALT + Accesskey'. Mac users would use 'CTRL + Accesskey'.

Internet Explorer users will need to press the 'Enter' key to activate a link. e.g. ALT+1+Enter = Home

The links on the page have an order and can be navigated to, by pressing the TAB key.

To change the size of the Text

Internet Explorer

View > Text Size or Alt+v+x

Netscape Navigator

View > Text Zoom or Alt+v+z


View > Text Size

Alternatively (Internet Explorer and Firefox), if you have a mouse with a wheel, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst moving the wheel towards you, to increase text size, or away, to reduce text size.

If using Netscape Navigator use Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- to increase and decrease the of text in the browser.

Please send any accessibility issues to

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