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Azure Central Services

Based in or out of Cramlington Headquarters there are a number of critical centrally provided services to drive or assist the efficient running of the Charity an all its services and businesses.

The chief executive's office, human resource function, and central administration (including switchboard) are appropriately staffed.

The accounting, banking, and company secretarial functions are provided by a team led by Azure's finance manager. This team also provides the payroll service for all Azure's employees.

A staff and resident's canteen provides a wide range of hot and cold items on demand and for meetings. The canteen manager also oversees the Headquarters janitorial staff.

To support Azure's growing infrastructure there is a dedicated IT Technician who looks after the IT facilities and has a special role designing and managing Azure's web site.

Azure's maintenance is based out of the Nurseries providing a wide range of services to departments.

Last but not least Azure operate a 7 days a week overnight security patrol service for the whole of the Cramlington site.

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