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Through the Work Choice programme Azure provides FREE ongoing advice and support to employers recruiting employees with a disability, mental health issue or long term health condition.

What are the benefits of recruiting an employee with Work Choice support?

You will receive:

What support and advice will I get from Azure?

You will receive:

Why would I want to access Work Choice?

20% of the working age population have a disability. By considering disabled people when recruiting you are increasing your potential employee base by a fifth and tapping into a larger pool of talent, skills and expertise. This in turn can assist you to effectively fill employment vacancies with the right person for the job.

What type of work can an employee accessing Work Choice do?

There are no restrictions on the type of work that you can offer. Vacancies must simply meet the following criteria:


Through the Work Choice programme Azure provides free ongoing advice, support and financial assistance to employers who want to retain an existing employee, who due to a disability is finding part of their job difficult.





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