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Supported Housing

There are four departments within the housing service.

These consist of Cramlington, Tynedale, Washington and Newcastle.

Cramlington housing

This was the first service to be established within Azure and is made up of a row of 12 houses, 11 providing tenancies for adults with disabilities and one house providing office accommodation for the staff.

This service can support up to 42 tenants. Ten of the houses support 4 tenants in each house and one house has 2 tenants.

The houses are staffed on a peripatetic basis aiming to provide flexible levels of support to meet a range of individual needs.

Tynedale housing

This was the second housing to be established within Azure and originally offered housing to people who were resettling from long term hospital.

The houses provide a range of support, mostly on a 24 hour staffed basis but also some peripatetically staffed. Initially 16 people were supported within this service, but there has been a new service established in recent months and this department now supports an additional tenant.


The two houses in Washington are registered care homes and provide support to 12 people. These two houses, one purpose built, were established in 1994 and have become well established within Azure.


This service, known as the Supported Living Department is the most recent development within the housing service and is the most modern approach to providing supported housing. Supported Living is made up of 7 houses and supports 12 tenants.

Contracts for support are individual to each tenant and several houses are single occupancy.

The fundamental difference relating to Supported Living is that the tenancy and the support are independent of one another. All the other housing services offer support that is linked to the housing provision.

Where Azure is the managing agent for the Housing Association, there is a referral system for accessing a tenancy. All referrals are made via Care Management.

The funding for Cramlington, Tynedale and Newcastle is primarily through Supporting People, with some Local Authority funding to meet care needs. Azure is registered with the CSCI, Commission for Social Care Inspection, to provide Domicilliary Care. Some of the houses in Tynedale and Newcastle are registered within this structure as care is provided within a few of the houses.

Funding for the Washington services is from the Sunderland Local Authority (Social Services) due to the Care Home status.

Within all the houses the philosophy of support is to empower tenants to become as independent as possible in all aspects of their lives. Staff support tenants to access community resources and provide the relevant support to enable the tenants to maintain their tenancies.

The housing service is inspected by a range of agencies, some by a combination of these. Services have to meet standards set by CSCI, Supporting People and by Housing Associations.

If you have any enquiries please contact Jen Seaton, Senior Manager Azure Support Services (see Key Contacts).

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